Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Madness 5/30 $5

We are kicking the summer off proper! El Dorado is proud to bring you DJs Beatnick and Artistic for the official summer kick off party. With wet T-Shirt giveaways and rad turtablism, this is sure to be the best Memorial Day weekend party in SD. Here is a bit about the Artists:


DJ Artistic has invested millions in the Bank of Hip Hop. Every day with every step he takes, he tries to embody the heart and soul that fuels the music he loves so dearly. When he’s behind the decks, he lets the crowd dictate what they want to hear; playing to the energy, the mood and the groove, instead of what’s popular on the charts.

He’s a party rockin’ DJ who’s biggest sense of satisfaction comes from seeing club goers lose their voices singing to the songs he spins or when someone’s wants to know the title of a track he just played.


Beatnick's love affair with music began at a young age with the heavy rotation of his parents' disco records (breaking their record player) and staying up late on weekends to listen in on DJ mix shows in grade school. Hearing the call of music, Beatnick would sneak out to attend underground parties, fascinated by DJ Mixtape's by Rob One (R.I.P.) & DJ Drez and the ability to create a vibe and control the people's emotions. His lifelong love for music translated into a deep passion for collecting vinyl and sharing his love with others through DJ'ing. His style exudes all forms of soul music. A musical buffet of Hip-Hip, Reggae, House & Soul make up his distinct sound.

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