Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pase Rock!! ($5 Cover)

Pase Rock is a founding member of the hip hop group Five Deez and has performed with Spank Rock since 2005. Pase Rock has arrived on the scene to devastate all assumptions about the collaboration between hip-hop, electro, and disco. He wants to school you in the ways of the new hybrid, which breathes a new joint union of styles.

Pase proclaims, “All the time party rockin, never stoppin. Pase, P-Pase, (picky -picky) Pase Rock. Given name Patrick Vaughn, rhymes with magic wand.You want the scoop? Here’s the scoop… It’s a new day. We global, son. You want my bio?

Here’s my bio… I’m alive sucka!”

“Get Monkey Kids” is a hip-hop gem, that uses electronic beats and succulent horn lines to complement the signature “get money” vocal lines. “So Fucking Disco”, hence the name, has a disco dance beat with smooth coruses and great percussion. Both songs have become club favorites in the electro / indie dance scene in Los Angeles.

A New Yorker with a flair for musical styles from around the world, Pase is destined to teach America in the ways of party music!

Two Fun Facts about Pase (& Two Blatant Lies too):

1. Pase Rock is the fullest and most complete realization of artist that God has yet created.

2. Pase Rock has been DJing since the age of nine, rocking recess with the freshest Schoolhouse Rock beats.

3. Pase Rock was conceived during an episode of The Love Boat (just as Isaac asked a bar patron, “What’s your pleasure?”).

4. Pase Rock has DJ’ed private parties for various famed personalities & corporate clients including Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Playboy, Oakley, Heineken, & more.

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